Collegefish Privacy Statement

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which operates, wishes for users to understand how personal information provided by those enrolling in the program is collected and with whom it is shared. Enrollees enter personal information in the application in order to create an individual profile that can be matched to recruitment profiles of senior colleges, and to criteria used by granting organizations and foundations that award scholarships and grants. Each enrollee must enter personal information, relative academic performance, personal interests and ambitions, financial status and other data determined necessary for developing a complete profile to design the best college fit and scholarship criteria match for the student. Enrollee information may be shared with local community college officials and four-year college officials, with whom Phi Theta Kappa has an authorized agreement, to assist students in the transfer planning process. Enrollee information may be shared with granting organizations and foundations that offer scholarship and grant assistance to community college transfer students for purposes of identifying qualified applicants. These parties, by authorized agreement, may not release student personal information to other parties.

Personal student information is secured in the database from unauthorized access through software security measures. Phi Theta Kappa takes appropriate measures to ensure that enrollee information is protected, but cannot guarantee prevention of loss, misuse or liabilities relating to security failures.

Future development of may include agreements with corporations and other Phi Theta Kappa partners interested in assisting community college students and alumni. Under the terms of this agreement, Phi Theta Kappa may release student information to partners offering benefits, career opportunities or scholarships deemed of value to enrollees.

I understand and accept the conditions for the use of information that I provide as an enrollee in